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It is the oldest and biggest skete of Mount Athos. Built on a green side of the southwestern side of the Peninsula, it consists of 51 huts, some of which remain closed today.
The organized hermitic life of the monks began in the mid of the17th century; however, hermits hats also existed there in the past.
The Kyriako of the skete, that honors the name of Saint Anna, was built by the Patriarch Dionysius Vardalis (1666).
The dispute regarding memorials that covered the second half of the 18th century is connected with its renovation and enlargement (1754 – 55). The murals were painted in 1757.
The library of the Kyriako contains 100 paper manuscripts and several documents.
In Kyriako, we can find the relic of the left foot of Saint Ann, mother of Virgin Mary and some other reliquaries with Saints relics, as well as functional utensils, vestments, portable icons, crosses etc. 
Today, the skete follows the idiorhythmic way of life and numbers approximately 65 monks who occupy themselves with hagiography, woodcrafts and sewing and less with agriculture and fishing. 

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