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The Greek idiorhythmic skete of Kafsokalivion is located near the cape of Nimfeon and not far from a hostile coast. Built at the irregular but also full of forests eastern foot of the Holy mountain, it consists today of 40 abandoned huts.
Among the hermits that lived here since the14th century was the Monk Maximos, who was named Kafsokalivitis because he used to burn his hut, always moving to places calmer and more appropriate for his praying. This is the reason why he and the settlement were named like that.
The Kyriako is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The main temple was built in 1745 and has murals of the 18th century and the narthex was built in 1804 and has murals of the 19th century. The bell tower was constructed in 1897.
The library of the Kyriako has 22 manuscripts, one of which is a parchment and the library of the Ioasafion has 25 paper documents. The 35 monks of the skete occupy themselves with hagiography and woodcraft.    

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