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It is located South of M. Lavra and at one-hour distance on foot.
Built on a notable hill, 250 m above the sea, it gives to its spectators the beautiful picture of a squared and rectangle building, in which the central temple exists.
  In 1851, it was sold by the main monastery of M. Lavras to the Moldavian monks Nifonas and Nektarios, who later on, after many efforts and many collections changed it to a coenobitic skete (1857).
The relative patriarchic report was published in 1890.
 The new big central temple of this monastery, the Kyriako, that honors the name of  ‘Timios Prodromos’, was completed in 1864 and was inaugurated two years later.
Today, the skete numbers 10 Rumanian monks and follows the coenobitic system of life.
Among the heirlooms of the skete is a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary, various newest icons, wooden crosses    with silver coating, reliquaries with relics of Saints, various functional utensils, vestments etc.  

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