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Ilias Kourkounakis
Date of Birth: December 5th     1960 
Place of Birth: Athens
•  Graduate of the Athens College Lyceum  
•  Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto (Specialist in Psychology, Minor in Sociology)
•  Diplomatic thesis with the subject: “ Analogue and Digital Processes in the Acquisition of Chess Related   Material» (presented in a conference in 1985)
Research Experience: member of the research team of Dr. E.Tulving (Psychology of Thought)
Languages: English fluently, French good, Spanish fair, elements from Serbo-Croatian and Russian
PC: user of Macintosh and compatible with IBM machines
(Text and layout)
Didactics Experience:
•   Chess trainer from 1977 in associations and schools of all degrees
(Mostly in Athens, but several times in the province with intensive seminars)
•   Assistant teacher of Dr. B.Gilmore in freshman students  (University of Toronto) 1983-4
•   Trainer of the Pro-national Junior team 1985-6
•   Trainer of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Blind people 1987-90
•   Organisation of training camping (Pan-Hellenic Gymnastic association) 1991
•   Organisation of training seminars in various places of Greece
•   Organisation of correspondence trainings in many places of the Greek province
•   Teaching in the seminar of Arbitration of the International Events in Ikaria 1997
•   Teaching in kindergarten (Geitona Schools) 1996-7 and 1997-8
Further Experience:
•   Camp supervisor (Athens College) 1976,1977 and 1978
•  Adviser and organizer at the Peer Counselling and Sexual Education Centre (Toronto) 1981
•   "Mentor" / co-tenant for children with no family (Huntley Youth Services) 1983-4
•   Camp Executive (Agrotiki Bank) 1994
•   Lectures on various subjects regarding chess in many places of Greece
•  Member of the Training Regulation Composition Committee for the speciality of  "Sports Administrative Executive" ( O E E K.) 1998 
•   Member of the Committee of Expert Scientists for the support of the work of K.E.E.P.E.K. for the examinations of the Professional Training Certification of the specialty “Sports Administrative Executive” 1998-2002
•   Member of the Program Composition Committee for the specialty of  “Chess Trainer”
     (O.E.E.K) 1999-2001
Mass Media:
•   Casual collaborations with many newspapers and magazines since 1980
•   Revision of the chess column of the newspapers “24 HOURS”, “ READER” and  
     “MESIMVRINI “, as well as of the expert inset for children “researchers” of “KATHIMERINI”  
•   Member of the composition committee of the magazine “DIVA CAISSA” 1986-7
•   Collaborations with chess magazines world wide, e g. the leading international publication “New in Chess"
•   Numerous articles in almost every Greek-speaking chess magazine since 1975
•   Writer and commissary of expert booklets for beginners in collaboration with Municipalities
•   Casual collaborations/ shows on the radio since 1986 
•   Basic executive of the most successful until today chess show on the Greek television “Journey in the Land of the Black and White Squares” (1987-8)
•   “Live” annotation of the International Championship Kasparov – Anand on the Internet
    (Internet Chess Club)
•• Extensive annotation of the International Championship Kasparov – Kramnik on the Internet (Chess.gr)
•• Personal web page on the Internet (Chess.gr)
•• Collaboration with the greatest Greek-speaking chess site on the Internet (in.gr)
••    “From the History of Chess”  (1986)
    (Refers to the historical development of the theory of chess)
    [This book has been recorded on cassettes for blind checkers while it shall be presented in electronic form on the Internet]
••    “Chess and Modern Society” (Dolphin, 1995)
    (Examines the relation of chess with the most basic modern and social revolutions)
••    “Secrets of Training in Chess” (Medrinos, 1996)
    (Develops technical subjects and proposes models of trainings for each chess field)
••    “Modern chess Thought” (Medrinos, 1999)
    (Presents the manner of thought and the organized thought of leading players through the analysis of the best games of the period 1966 – 96)
•• Many short monographs (10 – 45 pages) on various chess subjects
Organisational Experience (choices):
•   Basic organizer of the competition Kotronia – Skembri at “MINION” (January 1987)
•• Basic organizer of the event “ 200 HOURS BLITZ” at the Chinese Emporium 
    (May 1987)
•• Basic executive of the Parallel Events of the Olympic games in Thessalonica    (1988)
•• Basic executive of the International Chess Festival in Corfu    (August 1989)
•• Basic executive of the International Events in Chalkidiki    (September    1992)
•• Basic organizer of the “ tandem – simoultane” in the Municipality of N.Psihikou    1991 – 1996
•• Basic organizer of the annual Three Days Chess Events in Chios    (1997 – 2001)
•• Basic executive of the International Events “ Kostas Bouzakis”   (1999 – 2001)
•• Basic executive of the competition Banika – “ Deep Junior 7.0” at the Association of the Egyptian   Greeks    (June      2001)
•• Director of Competitions of the International Events “Kostas Bouzakis”  (August 2002)
•• multifaceted dietetics experience
•• Basic organizer of school competitions in many schools
•• Assistant executive in many other chess events
Successes in chess (choices):
•• Younger Greek player to have conquered the title of the Candidate Master (November 1975)
•  Greek Junior Champion  (1978)
•• Member of the National Junior Team in Balkans (Yugoslavia 1978 and Romania 1979)
•• First Greek to have achieved 1st victory without equality in grades in international games (“Acropolis” 1979)
•• 1st place in the Academic of America with the team of the University of Toronto (1980 and 1981 and both times 1st chessboard with a result of  + 4=3 and  + 5=2 respectively)
•• Member of the National Greek team of Elpides in the Olympic Games (Austria 1981)
•• Equality in grades for the 1st place in the Greek Championship for Men    (Chania    1982)
•• Member of the National Greek team of Men in the Olympic Games    (Switzerland    1982)
•• First Greek to have achieved ELO performance above 2600 in an international tournament    (Toronto 1983)
•• Member of the National team of Elpides of Canada in Olympic Games    (USA 1983)
•• Inter-club Cup of Greece with the chess Club of Pagrati      (1986)
•• 1st place in the international Tournament in Panormo of Crete    (1990)
•• Inter-club Championship and Cup with OAA Heraklion    (1991)
•• Inter-club cup in Greece with the chess club of Pagrati    (1992)
•• Holder of the title of “International Master” (since 1993)
•• Participation in games of “ blitz” on the Internet in 1995 (with provisional evaluation ELO 2979)
•• 3rd place in the very important International Games in Kastoria    1996
•• Equality in grades for the 3rd place of the Open Championship in Greece in 1999 (Corinth)
•• Equality in grades for the 2rd place in the International Games  “ Kostas Bouzakis” in 1999 (Chania)
•• Equality in grades for the 3rd place in the International Tournament of Fast Chess 2001 (Rethimno)
•• Equality in grades for the 2rd place in the International Games Gaudal Classic International Tournament    2002 (Norway)
•• Member of the National Greek team of Chess Olympic Games via e-mail 2003-4
Further Interests: Travels, Cinema, swimming, Books, Theatre, Music
For further contact:
address : Emm. Benaki    38, ATHENS    10678
Tel. >. >: >210 – 3816916


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