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Crete has to demonstrate historical monasteries with appreciable monuments, murals, portable icons, ecclesiastical heirlooms, holy relics, libraries with old manuscripts and publications, copper engravings etc, and a rich social and charity work. The monasteries of Kimiseos Agarathou, Saint Georgios Epanosifi, Apezanon, Arcadiou – the glory of Crete and of the Greek spirit - Metamorphosis Sotiros Koube, the restored charm in the care of the unforgettable scholar, the Metropolitan of Rethymno and Avlopotamou Theodoros Tzedakis, the women’s monastery of Saint Irini near Rethymno that was honored with the reward of ‘Europa Nostra’, Saint Trinity Tzagarolon and Lady of Agelon Gouvernetou near Chania (1634), Crisopigis and Timiou Prodromou, women’s monasteries, Saint Ioannis the Theologian of Preveli (1550), Asomaton Amoriou (1642), Virgin Mary Akrotirianis and Ioannis Theologos Toplou Sitias that was founded in the 14th century has two very appreciable museums, an ecclesiastical museum and a second one with copper engravings, Virgin Mary Of Faneromeni in Ierapetras (12th century), Virgin Mary of Lady of Agelon of Corner in Kolymvari, the monastery of Kisamou, where Orthodox Academy of Crete is found etc. All monasteries are located in marvelous sites and they constitute intellectual and artistic hearths.
The women’s monastery of Virgin Mary Kalivianis in the Metropolis of Gortinis and Arcadia is a modern Vasileias that has an orphanage for girls, a nursing home, an institution of children’s protection “the Virgin Mary”, a housekeeping faculty “Saint Skepi” and textile, hagiographies, vestments-robe and Cretan folklore art workshops. It was developed under the care of the Archbishop of Crete (he was then Metropolitan of Gorton and Arcadia) Timotheos Papoutsaki.

It is the oldest and biggest skete of Mount Athos. ...
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Intellectual and artistic offer of the Monasteries
Starting from the Byzantine period, the MONASTERIE ...
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