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We will close our tour in the monasteries of Greece with those of the islands of Northern, Central and Southern Aegean. On Lesbos exists a great monastery of Saint Rafael, Nikolaos and Irene that was destroyed by a piratical raid in the 15th century and was rebuilt around 1960, after a miraculous appearance of Saint Rafael, whose relic, as well as the relics of the other saints, are found in the Monastery. The Mother Superior of the monastery Eugenia Klidara is a distinguished scholar and poet. The Monastery of Taxiarchon Limonos near Kaloni is one of the richest monasteries in heirlooms and folklore objects etc. It also has an appreciable library, a great number of chapels and monastery dependencies.
On Chios we should mention, besides the New Monastery, the eminent Byzantine monument, the feminine monasteries of Saint Mina (1586), of Saint Matronas Halandron (1660), of Kimiseos Plakidiotissas (1625) and from the new ones, the monastery of Virgin Mary Tourloti that was founded by the venerable father Anthimos Vagianos (1369-1960), a very important intellectual person, of Saint Konstantinos Thimianon, of Virgin Mary Voithias and of Evangelismos Virgin Mary in Oinousses with appreciable monastic fraternities.
On Samos there are the monasteries of Great Virgin Mary (16th century wood carved temple, beautiful hagiographies), of Vrontianis (16th century), of Saint Zonis (17th century, murals), of Timiou Stavrou (16th century), of Zoodochou Pigis (17th century), of Saint Trinity and many other monasteries.
On Skiathos, the hut-monastery of Evangelismou that was founded in 1794 by Nifonas, a monk from Chios and Gregorios from Skiathos, mentioned in the work of the famous Greek novelist Alexandros Papadiamantis. On Skopelos, the women's monastery of Evangelismou (18th century) and the one of Timios Prodromos (17th century), both of them have very important heirlooms and ecclesiastical work of post Byzantine period and marvelous paintings. On Cyclades, the monastery of Chosovisiotissa on Amorgos and of Lagovards, which is connected to the venerated father Filotheos Zervakos. On Paros, the Monastery of Saint Pelagias Kexrovouniou. On Tinos, the monastery of the Virgin Mary Tourliani. On Mykonos, the monastery of Ano Meras. On Naxos, the Monastery of Kimiseos Faneromenis. On Naxos, the Monasteries of Panahrantou and Saint Nikolaos. On Serifos, the Monastery of Taxiarchon. On Syphnos, the Monastery of Vrisis. On Sikinos, the monastery of Chrisopigis and on Syros, the monasteries of Saint Barbara and Saint Ioannis Talanton. However, these are only a small part of the orthodox monasteries of this region with an important tradition for Greece.

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