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e. NEW SKETE (Saint Paul)

South East of the monastery of Saint Paul is located the idiorhythmic Greek skete of Nativity of Theotokos, known as New Skete or Skete of the Tower.
Constructed in 1760 at a place where from the graves and coins found there, it is assumed that a pre Christian village existed there.
Today, 28 huts constitute this traditional monastery with almost 40 monks, who mainly occupy themselves with       hagiography, wooden hand crafting and less with agriculture and fishing. The climate here is considered to be the best in the region.
The Kyriako was built in 1757.
It has one chapel, the chapel of Saint Constantine  (1901).
Almost 200 manuscripts and other documents are saved in the library.
Among heirlooms are painted and wood handcrafted icons,
vestments, hand crafted crosses with coatings, functional utensils etc. Saint Nikodimos was one among the many who lived in the New Skete.

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