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In Thessaly dominate the monasteries of Meteora, the famous rock-city, where nowadays four male monasteries (G. Meteoro, Varlaam, Saint Trinity and Saint Nikolas Anapausa) and two women’s monasteries (Saint Stefanos and Rousanou) still function.
In a untouched by human hand nature, these monasteries are centers of orthodox worship, safeguarding precious intellectual and artistic treasures, marvelous libraries and documents, ecclesiastical and folklore museums and developing important social work in the wider region.
Moreover, we must mention the monastery of Kimiseos Vitouma, of Kimiseos Gouras, of Kimiseos Stagiadon, of Saint Vissarionos Dousikos, where entrance is not permitted to females, according to the will of the Saint, of Virgin Mary Coronas that was built on very beautiful heels with an important tradition, important monuments and hagiographies with very delicate iconostasis, as well as Byzantine and post Byzantine icons.
In the region of Magnesia there is a rich history and many interesting things for the visitor; the monastery of Olympotissa near Elassona (13th century), of Kimiseos Komniniou (8th century), the Monastery of Ano Xenia (11th century), of Saint Gerasimos in Makrynitsa (18th century), of Metamorphosis Flamouriou (16th century.), of Virgin Mary Xenia (17th century.)

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Charity – national offer
It is well known that in the orthodox monasteries, ...
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