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The monastery of Pamegiston Taxiarchon in Xanthi is an institution of the 15th century. It has a catholic in the shape of a cross just like the one of Agion Oros and there we can also find the Ecclesiastical High school of Xanthi. The feminine monastery of the Virgin Mary Kalamous was founded in the 12th century and the Virgin Mary Archageliotisas in the 14th century. The men's monastery of Dadia Soufli has a temple built in the second fourth of the previous century to honor the Birth of Virgin Mary.
In Komotini exist the male Monastery of Virgin Mary Faneromeni Vatiriakos and the women’s monastery of Saint Christopher. In the region of Alexandroupoli we can find the monasteries of Virgin Mary Evros (kimiseos) and of Saint Ioannis the Theologian Aetohoriou, modern monasteries that were founded in the beginning of 1980 by the current Metropolitan Bishop Anthimos Roussas.

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