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In Dodekanisa, we can find many and great monasteries. The Monastery of Saint Ioannis the Theologian founded in the 11th century in Chora of Patmos by Holy Hristodoulos Latrinos looks like a castle-monastery and presents Byzantine murals, portable icons of exceptional art, a very rich museum and sacristy, including a very important library and model centers for the maintenance of icons and manuscripts. This Monastery also includes the Iero Spileo where around 95 AD, Saint Ioannis the Theologian wrote the last book of the New Testament, the Revelation. Appreciable feminine monasteries are the one of Zoodochou Pigis in Chora that looks like a castle and of Evangelismou Mitros Igapimenou with a great monastic fraternity that carries out important social, intellectual and artistic work.
On Simi, a great marine worship is the Monastery of Taxiarchi Michael Panormiti that dominates on an entire bight. The monastery has two museums, an ecclesiastic and a folklore one with many exhibits, a library with old publications and new books, an art gallery, a nursing home and a marvelous belfry of baroque-rococo rhythm that imitates the Monastery of Saint Trinity of Zagorsk in Moscow and the Monastery of Taxiarchi Michail of Panormiti, near the Seashore Simi, with Byzantine and newer murals (Gregorios of Symaiou, 18th century).
On Nisiro there is the monastery of Virgin Mary the Spiliani, on Kalymnos the Monastery of Saint Savva Neou, on Astipalaia the monastery of Portaitissa, on Kastellorizo the monastery of Saint Georgios Vounou, on Tilos the Monastery of Saint Panteleimona, on Karpathos the Monastery of Vatson, on Rhodes the Monastery of Taxiarchi Micheal in Thari with rich activities even in the media sector, as well as the Monastery of Virgin Mary of Tsampikas and on Kos the Monastery of Saint Nektariou. All these monasteries gather the devotion of the residents and constitute places of intellectual recreation, continuing in that way the tradition of Orthodoxy.
Aegean architecture, belfries with marvelous bas-reliefs, Byzantine paintings, heirlooms of historical and artistic value, libraries and files, folklore museums, folklore murals and castles that remind us of the difficult days when pirates used to attack in order to destroy and steal from monasteries. These places can offer to the visitors hours of peacefulness and meditation, a visitor who comes here with a pocket guide, in order to acquire knowledge, images that will accompany him throughout his life, recollections from the holy places. And if you are present during the vesper, while the waves of the Archipelago extinguish softly on the shore and the fresh summer air gives its freshness to your heart, then these impressions shall be indelibly engraved on your Soul. This is called material and intellectual beauty.

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