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In Evritania, the Monastery of Virgin Mary of Proussou, the catholic of which was built in 1754 and its hagiographies where made by G. Georgios and G. Anagnostou around 1785.
The icon of Virgin Mary, famous for its thaumaturgies, was made around the 10th century and it is said that people brought it from Prousa of Asia Minor.
This monastery is very interesting for its rich library, its wood carved temple, its heirlooms and icons. During the last years, an important social work has been completed on those monasteries. The catholic of the monastery of Tatarnas (same region) belongs in late 6th century, as well as its murals. It was renovated from 1841 until 1843. It has a sacristy, a library and very important documents.
In Etoloakarnania are located the monasteries of Eleousas in Mesologgj, of Genesis Virgin Mary Reca, of Eisodios Myrtias with exceptional murals, of Genesis Virgin Mary Romvou, of Saint Georgios on the island of Astako, the women's monastery of Genesis Virgin Mary Katerinous, of Kimiseos Ligovitsiou, of Saint Simeon Mesologgiou and many others.
Another monastery in Central Greece is the one of Agathonos near Ypati.
A monk that was named Agathon founded it in the 19th century. It has appreciable heirlooms. The catholic suffered destructions and the student of Kontoglou, an exceptional religious painter, Petros Vampoulitis, made its hagiographies. The abbot of the monastery, Germanos, took part in the National Resistance. The monastery also has facilitied for the breed of preys. 
There is also the women’s monastery of Damasta near Lamia with a great national offer. It has workshops of hagiography, embroidery and textile. 
The Monastery of Virgin Mary Gauriotissa in Dadi. The current catholic is of the 18th century with beautiful murals. Its contribution is great in the Revolution of 1821. The Monastery of Malesina in the region of Lokridas that was built in the honor of Saint Georgios has important exhibits of ecclesiastical art. The Monastery of Saint Georgios in Stilida and the Monastery of Metamorphosis in Kamena Vourla (18th century) have some very important murals, as well as marvelous chapels dedicated to Saint Andrea of Crete.
In the region of Nafpaktos exists, besides the old historical monasteries of Ampelakiotissa and Vomvokous, the monastery of Metamorphosis with appreciable intellectual and editorial activities and the women's monastery of Gorgoepikou near Nafpactos.
In the region of Fokida, besides the monastery of Prophet Elias, the monastery of Kimiseos Varnakovas is very important with a huge offer to our Nation and to the Greek orthodox tradition that was founded in the 11th century. There is also an important collection of documents and heirlooms.
In Viotia, besides the great Byzantine Monastery of Holy Loukas, there are many old and newer monasteries like the Monastery of Metamorphosis Sagmata with a catholic of the 15th century and a wonderful belfry of the 17th century, as well as with an appreciable modern intellectual action. This monastery was recently renovated. The Monastery of Saint Seraphim of Domvous in Elikona with a catholic and an appreciable iconostasis of the 17th century. The Monastery of Kimiseos Jerusalem near Davleia, which is a women’s monastery where we can find children's camps of the Metropolis of Theva and Levadia. There is also the Monastery of Evangelistria Aliatrou, where we can find the new Congress Center of the Metropolis. Moreover, the monastery of the Birth of Virgin Mary in Akrafnio with a modest feminine fraternity that presents an important activity in publications, of Saint Ioannis Theologos in Bagia Theva and many others.

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