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On Evia memorable are the monasteries of Saint Georgios Arma with a catholic of the 13th century (its narthex of the 17th century has appreciable murals), of Saint Nikolaos Galataki (the current catholic and the murals were made around 1566 and the narthex during the 17th century), of Saint Georgios Elion  (the newest part was made according to the Byzantine architectural), the Monastery of Kimiseos Virgin Mary Makrimallis (where Germans provoked many destructions), of Saint Charalampos Lefkon with rich heirlooms, of Kimiseos Mantzari (post Byzantine icons and tailoring workshop), of Metamorphosis Sotiros Kimis (with a marvelous temple), of Holy David near the village of Rovies, a monastery with a very important intellectual tradition.

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