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The monasteries of Attica

Most monasteries are built in marvelous, completely green places. Most of them are far from the cities, in the heels of the mountains. However, there are some monasteries in the cities, real oases for their residents, as the monastery of Asomaton Petraki, where the mansion of the Holy Assembly of the Church of Greece stands. It has the most beautiful catholic that was built during the 13th   century and its hagiographies (1719) belong to Georgios Markou of Argos, who has also painted the hagiographies in the monastery of Faneromenis at Salamine (1735), a monastery that has important heirlooms and other post Byzantine monuments of Attica.
The monastery of Kimiseos in Penteli is a great historical monastery of this region, where we can also find the Diorthodox Center of the Church of Greece. It was built in 1578 by Saint Timothy, Bishop of Euripus. Its catholic has murals of the 17th century. It has also a very rich library, an ecclesiastical Museum, a representation of the Kryfo Scholio (Hidden School) and is full of green. The visitor of Attica can also visit the women’s monastery of Pantokrator in Penteli with an exceptionally interesting Byzantine catholic of the 12th century, the monastery of Kliston in Fili (Hasia) with a Byzantine catholic (the murals are dated from the 18th century) and important heirlooms, the monastery of Timios Prodromos in Karea with an appreciable feminine fraternity that develops an important intellectual work, the women's monastery of Makrino that is located 22 kilometers from Megara where nuns are distinguished for their brilliant textiles, as well as many other interesting monasteries like the one of Saint Ioannis Hunter in Ymitos with Byzantine residues, of Saint Ierotheos in Megara and of Saint Meletios in Kitherona with appreciable monastic fraternities and many others.
The monastery of Paraklitou in Oropos is a modern monastery that follows the athonian typiko and presents a great editorial activity with books of orthodox spirituality.
On the islands of Argosaronikos, we can find some very important monasteries. 
The most memorable ones are the monasteries of Saint Trinity - Saint Nektarios in Aigina, the monastery of Zoodochou Pigis in Poros and the monastery of Prophet Elias in Hydra.

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