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In Epirus we can visit monasteries with marvelous architecture, eminently wood carved iconostasis, despotic thrones and marvelous hagiographies, ecclesiastical utensils, crosses, covers of Gospels, holly chalices but also rare manuscripts, old publications etc. In the monastery of Kato Virgin Mary near Arta, a modern textile workshop functions; in the monastery of Rovelisti exists the thaumaturgic icon of Virgin Mary Moscovitissas, in the monastery of Saint Georgios Drosopigis in Vourgareli the visitor can admire appreciable post Byzantine murals, as well as in the monastery of Kimiseos Veltsou, where in 1804 the residents of Souli resisted heroically against Ali Pasha.
Near Giromeri Filiaton is found the monastery of Kimiseos of the Virgin Mary that was renovated around the 16th century, with murals of the 17th century, portable icons of the 19th century and beautiful wood carved iconostasis of the 18th century, very rich in heirlooms.
The male monastery of Vellas, half an hour distance from Ioannina, a Byzantine institution of the 11th century, is connected to education after the Revolution but also with the operation of Vellas. Another old Byzantine monastery is the one of Kimiseos of Molivdoskepastou that was built in the 7th century and was renovated around the 12th century by Andronikos Komninos and later in the 16th   century. Its iconostasis, its murals and its heirlooms are very fantastic.
Other monasteries are the one of Paliouris in Kalama, of Tsouka, of Romanos etc that rescue important testimonies from the Byzantine years.
In Metsovo, the monastery of Saint Nicolas and in Monodendri of Saint Paraskevi with very beautiful murals. We must also mention the women's monastery of Saint Dimitrios Zalogou near Kamarina. Renovated during the first quarter of the 19th century with murals from 1816.
In 1803, the women of Souli were glorified in this place with their heroically dance of Zaloggos.

9th century B.C, Mythical age.
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